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The open and free Beta of CMS Commander is now available

With CMS Commander you can manage and control all your websites from a single control panel, no matter what content management system (CMS) they are built with. If you own or manage multiple websites you know how tedious it can be to log into all their admin panel every day just to do some repetitive or mundane tasks – with CMS Commander that is not necessary: Do said tasks from within your CMS Commander account and apply them to all your sites at the same time with a few clicks!

But wait, there’s more: Besides allowing you to remotely manage all your WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB websites from one place CMS Commander also includes powerful affiliate content generation capabilities and autoposting features. Direct targeted content insertion into the articles you write, bulk article posting, PLR and CSV import and more can assist you in producing fresh content for your sites and help you monetize them better than ever before.

CMS Commander is currently in open(free) Beta. Click the image below to get your free access to CMS Commander now:

CMS Commander Beta

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