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Ppc Marketing Solutions- Free Interesting Info For Pay Per Click Marketing Pittsburgh

If you would like to earn more cash with less stress, you have to have a long-term view of your business. First of all, you need to take pay per click marketing seriously & treat it as part of your business process. Read the rest of this entry

Killer Niche Markets

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Killer Niche Markets

In order to lay down a strong foundation and begin to create your multiple income streams and cash funnels, you need to determine what niche markets you are going to focus on.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t venture into multiple markets and promote a wide range of products, but what it does mean is that initially you need to focus on a primary niche, so that you can begin to construct the building blocks to building a solid network.

Remember, you need severe focus as an affiliate in order to make the most money you possibly can, and if you attempt to dominate dozens of markets at once, you’ll find it exceptionally difficult to manage.

You also need to base your decision on profitability, rather than just personal interest, however if you can find niche markets that encompass both incredible profit potential that you are also personally attached to, even better!

This will help you maintain and improve your campaigns over the long haul, as well as being able to produce content specifically for your niche. In case you are unsure of what a niche market is, here is a brief overview:

A niche market is essentially a subset of a broad market. As an example of this, “dogs” is a general broad niche market, whereas “dog training, dog houses, dog grooming, dog breeds, etc” are smaller niche markets.

The difference between a mainstream market and a niche one is that with niche marketing, you are focusing on smaller groups of consumers, with a specialized focus.

By catering to a niche market rather than a mainstream one, you will deal with fewer competitors while placing more focus on specific products and services catering to those buyers.

There are also “micro niche” markets, which are even smaller, sub markets extracted from larger niche ones.

For example, rather than the niche “dog breeding”, you would focus on “Doberman breeding”, specific dog types.


Mainstream: Dog Niche: Dog Training Micro Niche: Doberman Dog Training As an affiliate marketer, you will need to follow a three step system that will help you build your online credibility and maximize your profit potential:

1) You need to build an active mailing list of responsive buyers. The more active your subscriber base is, the more money you will make.

2) You need to develop relevant content on a consistent basis so that you are able to provide your website visitors and subscribers with unique material that has a direct connection with your target market.

3) You need to generate highly targeted traffic to your websites and landing pages consisting of hungry buyers who are interested in specific products and services.

When it comes to niche selection, you want to focus on existing pools of buyers. It’s exceptionally difficult to generate a profit if you are focusing on a niche where there are a limited number of active buyers.

Unless you have the funds in place to outsource content creation, it’s very important that you choose a niche that you feel confident developing content for.

You’re probably thinking “why can’t I just use the pre-developed material provided by the product developer that I am promoting?”.

The reason?

EVERYONE else is using that same content, and when it comes to affiliate marketing, you need to stand out from the crowd, to develop your own online business, brand and customer base.

In order to do that, you need to offer your subscribers, members and visitors with fresh, relevant content and material that they can’t find anywhere else.

This is truly a very important factor in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

When it comes to utilizing an autoresponder to generate traffic and exposure to affiliate promotions, the last thing you’d want to do is use the same autoresponder sequence that every other affiliate is using.

Think about it.

If you happen to have the same group of subscribers as a competing affiliate, and you are both using the exact same copy or content, why should your affiliates purchase from you, and not your competitor?

You need to develop the mindset that focuses on building your very own business, and approach the markets and your promotions in the exact same way that you would if it were your own product that you were representing.

Offer people with something new, refreshing and innovative and you will find that you will be able to push out promotions that convert like crazy, faster and easier than affiliates who are using the same old copy and paste format.

When it comes to choosing a market, there are specific criteria to keep in mind, including:

a) Existing Demand You need to ensure that the market you intend on catering to has existing buyers and products.

That way, you can make the connection and generate commissions from every sale made.

b) Evergreen Markets While you’ll want to stay on top of trends so that you are able to keep a pulse on your market, as well as any changes in the types of goods and services that your market is interested in, you should always do your best to focus on Evergreen markets.

Evergreen simply means that the market is solid and unlikely to change. Weight loss, dating and dog training are three examples of evergreen markets that have been in existence for many years and is unlikely to change.

While you can make a lot of money by promoting short-term markets (Xbox 360 Fix, etc), your main campaigns should always be focused on longevity, so that you are able to create a passive income system that will continue to generate profit for many years to come.


Laura Anne May is expert in helping people develop successful businesses. Her just released book “Operation Super Affiliate” is already making waves and she is offering this for only (with Resell Rights) Just to make sure a wide range of people can read it. Check it out at:

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Examples of Social Marketing – How to Influence Social Behaviors

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Examples of Social Marketing – How to Influence Social Behaviors

Examples of social marketing have evolved over the years from something that used to be very costly and complicated, to methods that are free and can spread like wildfire.

Social marketing is used to “sell” ideas, attitudes and behaviors.  The purpose is to benefit society by spreading the message.

Critical steps to put examples of social marketing into place include knowing your:

Product/Goal – What is the belief you are communicating?

Price – What the consumer must do in order to take hold of that belief?

Delivery Method - How will people access this idea or belief?

Target audience – Who does the message need to reach?

Partnership – Can you work with a team to promote the message?

Knowing this, we can move forward into examples of social marketing to help you know what will work best for you.

One of the examples of social marketing in the last decade would be the campaign Health Canada undertook to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death in Canada.  Obviously, their goal was to decrease the risk of SIDS.  The price was laying babies on their backs to sleep.  The delivery method was through brochures, posters, and common messages from all involved in health care.  The target audience was parents and caregivers.  The partnership was between Health Canada, The Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths, The Canadian Institute for Child Health, and the Canadian Pediatric Society.  The results from this effort was an increase in awareness from 44% (in 1999) to 66% (in 2001) that the proper position to place a baby during sleep is on his/her back.  Note the years this took place.  The instant, global methods we have now, were not readily accessible then.

One of the more current examples of social marketing is of the Think Simple Now blog by Tina Su, who was able to get over 2000 subscribers to her blog in 3 months, single handedly at no monetary cost.  This is what Tina used to spread the word about her blog.  Word of mouth in person and via email, connected with readers of her blog via email, commented on other blogs, link to other blogs to create community, trust and relationship, made 5 new blogger or social media friends weekly, commented and contributed to others’ online articles.

Other free examples of social marketing that you might want to learn to implement are:
Social networking websites such as Twitter or Facebook.
Sharing pictures online that embody the message you want to get out.  Include a link back to your site at the bottom of each picture.
Sharing videos online that express your message.  TubeMogul is a great site that allows you to upload to multiple video sites at one time.
Targeting social bookmarking sites.  This allows you to tag different sites publicly so others can see your bookmarks and look at the sites you are visiting.One great site to assist you in this is

The most exciting part is that today, more than ever, we have access to unlimited examples of social marketing that we can easily apply ourselves.  It has become a global world right at our fingertips, giving us so much opportunity to influence the world with ideas and attitudes that will affect positive change.

Get unlimited examples of social marketing.  Fill out the form on the first page, then watch the video on step #3 of the second page to see social marketing methods to promote your ideas.

Kim Webster is a work at home wife, and mother to four children.  She is experiencing financial and time freedom through her internet marketing business.  Go to to see the incredible mentoring opportunity available to you, too!

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Three Social Marketing Myths Busted

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Three Social Marketing Myths Busted

Social marketing offers plenty of benefits for small businesses, but there are a number of common misconceptions that may be holding you back from embracing this new form of marketing.

Here are three common excuses used to avoid using social networking as a business marketing strategy, and the reasons these excuses are really nothing more than myths.

“Our customers don’t use social networks.”
Really? Facebook has 500 million users, with half of active users logging in every single day. In addition to that, each Facebook user has an average of 130 “friends” in their own personal networks. Combine that with Twitter’s more than 100 million users and LinkedIn’s 60 million users, and it would be difficult to imagine your customers not among these millions of users!

The reality is that consumers today are online using social networks, and you need to meet your customers where they are.

“I (or my staff) don’t have time to update a bunch of social networking profiles.”
Adding new marketing tasks to your already full to-do list may seem impossible, but there are ways to make it fast and easy to add social to your regular marketing mix. By integrating your social networking profiles together with each other and with your website, you can create a system that lets you “write once, publish to many” automatically, saving you time while extending your marketing reach online.

For instance, you can use Facebook widgets to pull information from your Wall and display it on your web site automatically. Or, you can use an RSS feed to display your Twitter “tweets” on your Facebook page. By integrating your profiles, you can share new information automatically, saving you the time and effort of posting and maintaining the same information to multiple separate profiles.

“I don’t know what to write about.”
Well the good news is that you probably already have lots of material just waiting to be “recycled” as social content, you just need to know where to look. Your monthly newsletter is an excellent source of social marketing material – you can divide it up over the course of a month and post a different article or tip each week. Or, why not share the latest news you just read in a professional journal or from an industry website?

The truth is that you don’t need to write original content to share with your followers, you just need to share useful, interesting information to keep them engaged.

No More Excuses

If you’re still finding excuses to avoid social marketing for your business, you are missing an important opportunity to promote your business and reach countless new consumers online. When properly integrated, a social marketing system can be easy to use and takes very little time and effort to maintain, but you have to commit to incorporating it into your regular marketing routine. Your customers are already using social networking as part of their daily routines, and if your competitors are not already there, they will be soon.

Don’t let social marketing myths hold you back from implementing a strategy that helps you connect with customers, brings in new leads and prospects, and drives additional traffic to your website and your business.

NOTE: If you are looking for an integrated social marketing solution for your business, check out Five Sparrows’ ConnectPLUS Integrated Social Marketing (ISM)® services.

Lauren Hobson, President of Five Sparrows, LLC, has more than 16 years of experience in small business technology writing, marketing, and web site design and development.  Five Sparrows provides professional website, marketing, and social networking services to small businesses and non-profits at affordable prices, giving clients access to customized services that meet both their needs and their budgets. More at Copyright 2010, Five Sparrows. All Rights Reserved.

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Learn Article Marketing for Newbies: How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit?

Learn article marketing and persuasive article writing if you are beginner. Remember that you should be professional in this field, if you want to get professional results like many other internet marketing gurus. Article marketing is the soul of online marketing. So for maximum article profit, first of all you should learn how to create attractive article titles. Read on below to find out professional tips from an article marketing expert. 

How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit? 

Article marketing for newbies starts with writing attractive article titles. Why is it so important? Because if the title is not intriguing a reader will most likely pass away your article and this will be a waste of your time and efforts. 

So Here Are 2 Important Tips On How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit: 

1.    Share Your Own Experience.  

There are various types of interesting titles that would catch a reader’s attention. One of them is sharing your experience in the very title. For example: 

Discover my 3 proven methods I apply for Maximum Traffic.  

2.    Show Concrete Figures. 

This second format of writing attractive article titles also works. I know it from my own experience. Just promise the solution to the consumer’s problem and show concrete figure or fact in the title. For example: 

Do You Know How You Can Naturally Get Rid Of Acne Within 15 Days?  


Learn Article Marketing for Newbies from all aspects to become an expert in this field. This art really starts with learning how to write attractive article titles. This way, soon you will get maximum article profit.

Want to Increase Sales Through Article Marketing?

Download FREE “Insider Article Marketing” Report and Instantly Copy-And-Paste A 0/Day Secret Article Profit System That Stuffs Your Bank Account With 24/7 Cash In Just A Few Days From Now – Guaranteed! Read more at

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