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Learn Article Marketing for Newbies: How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit?

Learn article marketing and persuasive article writing if you are beginner. Remember that you should be professional in this field, if you want to get professional results like many other internet marketing gurus. Article marketing is the soul of online marketing. So for maximum article profit, first of all you should learn how to create attractive article titles. Read on below to find out professional tips from an article marketing expert. 

How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit? 

Article marketing for newbies starts with writing attractive article titles. Why is it so important? Because if the title is not intriguing a reader will most likely pass away your article and this will be a waste of your time and efforts. 

So Here Are 2 Important Tips On How to Create Attractive Article Titles for Maximum Article Profit: 

1.    Share Your Own Experience.  

There are various types of interesting titles that would catch a reader’s attention. One of them is sharing your experience in the very title. For example: 

Discover my 3 proven methods I apply for Maximum Traffic.  

2.    Show Concrete Figures. 

This second format of writing attractive article titles also works. I know it from my own experience. Just promise the solution to the consumer’s problem and show concrete figure or fact in the title. For example: 

Do You Know How You Can Naturally Get Rid Of Acne Within 15 Days?  


Learn Article Marketing for Newbies from all aspects to become an expert in this field. This art really starts with learning how to write attractive article titles. This way, soon you will get maximum article profit.

Want to Increase Sales Through Article Marketing?

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Article Marketing: To Increase Your Traffic Submit Articles Daily – Here is Your Daily Plan

You should certainly use article marketing to increase traffic and sales day by day.  But do you know how properly to do this? Did you know that it is better to submit 10 articles every single day than to publish 70 articles once a week? So read on to find out your daily article marketing plan and how daily article submission can increase your traffic. 

Article Marketing: To Increase Your Traffic Day by Day

Many article marketers forget or neglect the most important part of article marketing. Do you know what it is? To take the maximum advantage of article promotion, it is recommended to write and submit articles on a daily basis. In this way, you will regularly build quality one-way backlinks to your sites. For getting to high rankings on popular search engines, including Google, this tactic is more effective than bulk submission once a week. 

 Your Article Marketing Plan: 

 Your plan should include the following important parts: 

Exact days of article marketing; Exact time you will write and submit articles every day; The amount of articles per day or per week; A ready list of Keywords You will use in your articles; Daily report about your success and failure.  



So now you know how you should improve your article marketing to get maximum traffic and sales every day. The main soul of successful article marketing is proper plan and daily strict discipline which can be done by anyone, even by a newbie. But unfortunately, not all marketers are able to be consistent in their efforts. 

Want to Increase Sales Through Article Marketing?

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Article Marketing – How To Earn 0 A Day From affiliate Marketing Using Only Article Promotion?

Article marketing can be very profitable if you follow the following 3 simple tips used by experts on a daily basis. So this guide will include easy steps to making 0 Affiliate income per day using only article promotion.

First, let me note that if you believe article marketing is not as profitable as PPC advertising or other marketing methods, you are WRONG! If it was true internet marketing gurus would never lose their valuable time on article promotion for their products and services they are launching each and every month.

How can I earn 0 A Day From Affiliate Marketing Using Only Article Promotion?

Here are 3 Simple Steps for Profitable Article Marketing:

1.  Research Keywords Related Profitable Niche And Choose Only Long-Tail Key-Terms.

You need only long tail keywords which still have good traffic but low competition.  This is the most important step. All your profits depend on this moment – proper keyword research. Otherwise, you might get disappointed like other Affiliates who are writing and marketing articles included with high-competitive keywords.  

2.  Submit Your Articles Only To High Pagerank, High Traffic And Do-Follow Article Directories.

To earn daily autopilot Affiliate income from your landing pages you have to build multiple do-follow, high PR backlinks to them from established content directories.

3.  Submit At Least 10 Articles Every Day.

Try to write and submit minimum 10 articles all 7 days a week to win over your competitors.  You can use the number 1 Fast Article Writing Software – Instant Article Wizard to produce original content in 7 minutes.

Never quit even if you have made no sale within a month after starting your article promotion campaign. It will take some time to strengthen your rankings in search engines.  


Earning 0 or more per day from article marketing is quite possible if you write and submit as many articles as you can on a daily basis.

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Want to Increase Sales Through Article Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing With Article Writting

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affiliate Marketing With Article Writting

Affiliate Marketing With Article Writting

Article marketing is largely successful when promoting products via the internet. In this article we give you a few examples of the advantages of article marketing.

All Internet marketers realize the benefit of growing their rankings in the search engines. It’s one of the ultimate things that can occur to your website, period. Article marketing assists you in this area by allowing you a simple path for increasing your page ranking. The page ranking of your site strongly influences the kind of ranking you will accomplish for your website in Google, which is the strongest search engine today. When you scatter your articles online, they build backlinks, and when you get related backlinks, your page rank gets higher. The greater the number of valuable backlinks you possess, the greater your page rank will be. Furthermore, several of these article directories have decent page ranks, which means they will distribute them to your site. Your page rank is not only worthy and beloved by Google, but is also a great sign in front of your visitors. If you plan to sell your website someday, having a good standing page rank will allow you go ask a higher price. So there are a lot of benefits to making your page rank soar and article marketing can for sure help you with it.

Another advantage of article marketing is that it lets you personally promote an array of products and watch how the traffic is converting for each of them. This allows you an opportunity to research a trustworthy product that is actually providing you with profits. In addition, when you have your own portfolio of successful products, then each of them can be promoted via article marketing, developing multiples sources of income for you. This is particularly helpful for Affiliate marketers who are constantly searching for new ways to market various products. And because you know how to write and distribute articles on just about any topic you desire, your choices are unlimited and you are in no way restricted. So if you plan to promote ten separate products and test them out, it can be a breeze for you to do that through article marketing, and earn long-term benefits.

Article marketing is also a fabulous way to gain exposure for the services you offer. There are a lot of talented freelancers who have difficulty seeking out opportunities with the freelancing sites such as Elance, because of the tough competition. But article marketing is something not many freelancers try out to promote their service. You can write and announce articles that explain the niche you’re targeting and then deliberately introduce your readers to the service you’re providing. This would make it incredibly simple for you to drive traffic and get clients from all over the web, instead of solely depending on the big freelance portals.

To summarize, the advantages we explained about article marketing in the above article are just a small insight into how it can help you and your business. It’s completely up to you how you want to survey this procedure for your own benefit. Try out our Affiliate Marketing technique!

Market Golden is the chief writer and editor of <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””></a>. He writes about subjects related to money making and is constantly providing new and fresh content for the business world.

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Article Marketing Methods ? Proper Keyword Research Is Soul of Successful Article Marketing Promotion ? Top 2 Keyword Choice Mistakes

Article marketing methods may vary from article to article marketer. But remember proper keyword research is the soul of every successful article marketing promotion. If you want to find out top 2 keyword mistakes made by some article marketers, then read on this article carefully. 

All article marketing methods should include professional keyword research. 

So Here Are Top 2 Keyword Mistakes Made By Some Article Marketers: 

1.    Using High-Competitive Keywords. 

I always wonder when I see affiliate marketing articles with high-competitive keywords. It is fool to believe that you will quickly rank on the 1st page of Google with such short-term, high-competitive keywords. Of course, you may refuse that these keywords generate highest traffic. I agree, but at best you can get only a minor part of that traffic, because big competitors have already been on the first page of Google for months or years. 

2.    Researching For Keywords Only on One Tool – Google Adwords Keyword Research.  

To find out the best low-competitive or even non-competitive keywords for your article marketing promotion should research on several tools instead of only one.  So here are my tips for proper keyword research: 

Google Adwords Tool 

First I use this tool to find out most profitable keywords for my Affiliate campaigns. 

Yahoo Answers

Then I go to yahoo answers and search for related questions. The most asked questions are usually keyword rich. So I include these keywords in my list too. 

Amazon Products Description. 

My third little secret is looking through descriptions of Amazon’s bestseller products related to certain niche. 

Just try to avoid the above-mentioned 2 mistakes while implementing article marketing methods and you will see how successful you are with your article marketing promotion campaigns.

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Want to Increase Sales Through Article Marketing?

Download FREE “Insider Article Marketing” Report and Instantly Copy-And-Paste A 0/Day Secret Article Profit System That Stuffs Your Bank Account With 24/7 Cash In Just A Few Days From Now – Guaranteed! Read more at

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