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What is Social Marketing and How is it Defined?

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What is Social Marketing and How is it Defined?

How do we define Social Marketing? It’s one of the most recent trends in Internet Marketing. If you aren’t familiar with Social Marketing, it is simply a way for online marketers to use social networking sites in order to find people who share their interests and who might be looking to find what they have to offer.

Social Marketing is also a great way for anyone who is unfamiliar with online networking to learn from others who have much more knowledge and experience.

The best way to use Social Marketing for business purposes is meeting other members with common interests, share what you have to offer without forcing your product on people and take advantage of how it can impact where you rank on the search engines for even more exposure on the Internet.

You have many, many choices if you want to start Social Marketing. The most popular social networking sites include and There are also content-sharing social websites like, and You can use these networking sites to share your information, expertise and to find others who are looking for what you are offering. Another Social Marketing option is to use bookmarking sites like or

Because social networking sites don’t charge a fee, this has become a very cost-effective way to learn and find leads.

Instead of simply putting up a website, submitting it to the search engines, crossing your fingers and hoping you get enough hits to stay in business, Social Marketing on social networking websites actually lets you immediately interact with people who share your goals or who are looking for what you have to offer. The goal of Social Marketing on social networking sites is to share information and build relationships with others.

When you are ready to use content sharing websites for Social Marketing, your goal will be to share the information you have, offer value to others and even possibly draw some interest from potential future partners. You can also use sites like to post articles about your business or passions. The trick to using this kind of Social Marketing method is to make everything you write informative and engaging. Never use it to sell your product or services. Another benefit to using a site like this is that many times great articles are selected to be featured in publications or by webmasters for their websites. This gives you great additional exposure and potential leads.

Finally, bookmarking websites can help improve your rankings in the search engines. They let you “bookmark” the web pages you select so that you can easily return to them. They also work with the search engines to help commonly linked pages become ranked higher. Be careful not to only bookmark your web pages because this is considered to be the equivalent of spamming. Take a look around, find some great information and bookmark those in addition to your pages.

The goal of Social Marketing is simply to share information. The more people you meet and the more information you offer, you should eventually see an increase in traffic to your website and hopefully, in sales. The more you network, the easier it will become. It can be a time-consuming process, but well worth it when you begin to see results.

Read more of Matt Levenhagen’s thoughts on Social Marketing by visiting his site here: Social Marketing, You Hip? Reproductions of this article are encouraged, but this paragraph and a live link must be included.

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Video Marketing: Take Advantage of the Boom!

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Video Marketing: Take Advantage of the Boom!

Video marketing has exploded onto the online product promotion scene over the last few years and user response has been astounding. Not only does video marketing provide an opportunity to engage your audience directly with a concise sales pitch, but it also enables you to target a much wider audience by incorporating the videos into social media networks such as youtube, facebook and twitter.

 To take advantage of the video marketing boom, here are 5 top tips when selling a product:

 1. Consider the length of the video. You want the user to remain engaged whilst the video is playing, but at the same time you do not want to bore them. From my experience with video marketing, I have found that users will switch off if a video is longer than 10 minutes, but less than 5 minutes is rarely enough to get your full pitch across. I have had continued success with videos lasting between 6-7 minutes.

 2. Ensure you ‘pre-sell’ the product. If the video is likely to be the customers’ first exposure to your product, don’t start out with any information on the price or how to purchase. Simply begin to describe what problem/need your product is satisfying and the advantages/features of using the product over any other possible solution. Wait until around 3 minutes into the video, when the user is aware of the products benefits and has begun to build trust in you as a seller, before you push for the sale.

 3. Close the sale. During the video, when you are at the stage of pushing for the sale, you should begin to incorporate innovative methods into your videos to fully engage your audience and convince them that this is the time to make the purchase. Successful methods include clickable overlays appearing around the video at designated points during the video and tactful ‘buy buttons’ to give the user constant and varied opportunities to buy.

 4. Keep your video marketing both unique and consistent. It is possible that you will need to expose your viewer to more than one video before being able to make the sale. Therefore, you need to make sure that subsequent videos are optimized. The content should remain fresh and unique, yet still informative to your audience. There will also need to be a level of consistency, such as having your products brand logo or slogan in the top-right corner so that they begin to familiarise themselves with your company and feel comfortable that the product is the solution to their problem.

 5. Ensure you are giving yourself the best possible platform for video marketing. I tried a number of expensive and unsuccessful video marketing products before I found the right one. My sales have since trebled with my latest provider, as I have the ability to add buttons, forms and ‘overlays’ to captivate viewers,  publish my videos in seconds to a variety of platforms and get detailed analytics on the success of each campaign.

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Hi. My name is Susie I am a successful online entrepreneur. I use a number of online business models to make money from home. I enjoy sharing tips and tricks on video, marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, dropshipping and wholesaling.

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Social Marketing Strategies For Internet Marketers

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Social Marketing Strategies For Internet Marketers

Social Networking is becoming quite the trend on the Internet. Social media sites MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook have become the giants of the industry. These sites have captured hungry Internet Marketer’s from around the world who are actively marketing and promoting their businesses. There are some very important keys that these marketers are currently missing while marketing on these sites. It’s very important that these Internet marketer’s learn how to use the right social marketing strategies on these sites if they want to have long-term success. There are some very simple strategies to follow when using social marketing on the Internet.

No matter where you are marketing on the Internet, it’s very important to send your prospects to an informative and non-salesy website before you send them to your sales capture page. The best way to do this is to set-up your own fully hosted WordPress blog. Your WordPress blog will be at the center of all your marketing strategies. This will be the first place that prospects will be taken to before you send them to any site that will capture their information. Your blog will focus on branding yourself as a leader and making your business credible to your prospect. Make sure when you post to your blog, that all information is valuable to your prospect and isn’t cheesy. If you post content that is worthwhile, then major search engines like Google will show your posts for free on their search results. This means that you will have free traffic to your website for years to come. On the home page of you blog and on your posts, you will have your link to your capture page. Pospects will come to your blog, read about you and your posts first, then you will redirect them to your capture page. This is the best way to build a relationship and trust with your prospects before you try and sell them something.

The most important key of all is that your blog will rank high within the search engines, because you are providing them with organic content. Google loves organic content. They don’t like capture pages. Recently, Google has been putting some heavy restrictions on Internet marketers who are using capture pages to market a business. Make sure that you don’t get the “Google Slap.” The last thing you want is to be put out of business. Remember that Google is King. The key to preventing the “Google Slap” from happening is to own your own self-fully hosted blog, provide good content, then redirect your prospect to your sales page.

After you have set up your WordPress blog, you will want to focus on driving traffic to your site. Social media sites are a tremendous way to create free traffic if you implement the right social marketing strategies. When creating your profiles on these sites, focus on who you are as a person. Make sure to use a good profile picture of yourself, since this will be your first impression. Also, go into detail on your likes, dislikes, and interests. People want to know who you are first, before they will be in business with you. The key to social media marketing is to be genuine, post good content, and never use spamming techniques. Over time you will build a good reputation and people will begin to trust you if you do things right.

If you follow these social marketing techniques, you will be well on your way to becoming a master marketer. Remember it’s very important to always send your prospect to your blog first before you send them to any capture pages. When using social marketing strategies, put yourself in your prospects shoes. Think about the content that they would want to read, and then deliver it to them. Don’t be sales, or pushy. Make sure to always deliver solid content on your blog and social media posts. If you follow these marketing and strategies and techniques, you will be well on your way to becoming a master marketer. Once you’ve become an Internet marketing master, you will have floods of traffic to your website that you won’t know what to do with. Remember that traffic equals prospects, and prospects equal money in your pockets.

Social Networking has taken the Internet by storm. If you want to become a Social Media expert visit Social Media Secrets.

Lucien Bechard a.k.a ‘The CopyCat Marketer’ and ‘The CopyCat Multi-Preneur’ is an Internet Marketing expert that teaches people how to build a successful online business using the principles of Attraction Marketing. If you desire to have financial freedom, are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, and want so desperately to find an opportunity that will help you achieve your dreams visit I WANT MY FREEDOM!


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Get indexed, get ranked, get traffic

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There is no doubt that website traffic is critical to your business success. And nothing beats free traffic. Where does free traffic come from? Google and other search engines.

How does Google give out free traffic?

You’ve experienced this process a lot of times. You go to Google. Enter in a word or phrase you want to research. And click one of the links that shows up. Turns out that the website you visit just got free traffic from the search engine. We will be discussing here how to get website traffic to you for free.

If you’re like most people you only click links on the first page or two. The truth is that this first page of results receives nearly all the clicks. And believe it or not, the first 3 results receive over 70% of the traffic.

So to get any significant amount of free traffic from Google, you really need to be on the first page. And this means Google needs to “rank” you as a top 10 result. Which brings up.. Read the rest of this entry

Internet Marketing Tools for Success

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There are different Internet marketing tools that will help you succeed. It is a must to have these tools. Get them if you do not have them yet. And if you cannot afford some of these tools yet, save some money in order to purchase them. Remember, if you need it to succeed, you must have it.

1. Article spinner and submission software

Article marketing is an important aspect of Internet marketing. If you get most of your traffic from this, you are definitely using a lot of private label rights (PLR) to dominate your niche. Although PLR does not have to be changed most of the time, spinning the article into something different is needed if you are submitting to certain directories. To make things easier and faster, the article spinner and submission software will help you simultaneously enter data into many sites.

2. Social media management options

Like article marketing, social media marketing is also productive. For Twitter, you can utilize tools like TweetDeck or Hootsuite which helps you in microblogging. These applications are designed to help you sift through the exchanges in order to get to your target audience.

On the other hand, if you are bookmarking domains, an application like OnlyWire can be very helpful. This makes you bookmark more sites at once instead of doing the submissions one by one.

3. Keyword research tool

Keyword research is very important for Internet marketers. To make keyword research faster and easier, look for different tools that you can utilize. Review and compare different products in order to get the right one for your needs.

4. Site design tools

Since you are driving every bit of marketing into your site, you must make sure that your site design will not turn off your prospective clients. If you do not have the resources to outsource this, then you have to invest in site design tools. These will help you create professional looking websites in no time.

5. SEO tools

With the ever-changing traffic, you always want to come out on top. Therefore, you must always be updated with the newest SEO strategies. You need SEO tools like how-to guides or manuals and applications which can analyze your current traffic and make recommendations to get better results.

6. Autoresponder list builder

You do not have to wait for tremendous amount of traffic before making your list. This list is very important in continuously communicating with your target market.

If you do not have the resources yet, you can make use of the free list builders that are available. But for more security, I suggest that you save money in order to get a paid list builder.

7. Graphics creator

Graphics are an important part of websites. You can purchase or outsource these. Or, you can also learn how to create the graphics yourself. There are paid or free graphics creation tools that you can use.

8. Efficient and reliable hosting

All your Internet marketing efforts will be for nothing if your website is always down. It is a must that you have efficient and reliable hosting. When choosing which service provider to use, don’t just look at affordability. You must also look at downtime percentage and 24/7 customer service availability.

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