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The Power of Video Marketing on the Internet

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The Power of Video Marketing on the Internet

Video Marketing In an Age of Online Results

Online video marketing is a dynamic and highly effective method to promote different products or services among your customers. It plays a crucial role in educating and creating interest among them so that they can promote their businesses. As the internet plays a vital role in globalization and a major fraction of the world’s population has access to the Internet, it is the best place to advertise your products and services.

The main reason for the incredible popularity of video marketing is its effectiveness, and its power of persuasion. It also allows the manifestation of the features and benefits of the product in the best possible manner and shortest time. Here are some strategies that will help to get you on to websites such as You Tube, Google Video, Meta Café and a host of other video sharing websites that have appeared on the horizon recently.

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing is the latest trend these days on the internet. It helps to draw customers who bring business to their websites. Today, people sight videos extensively on the internet which adds to its popularity. There are several websites that facilitate us to view such videos as well as to post any video, that to free of cost. Free posting of videos minimizes the cost of advertisements.

Posting a video to a website and making it appear as soon as a site visitor opens the web page assures that the video advertisement is watched every time the website is accessed.

Advertising through popular videos is similar to that of the concept of TV commercials. For example, to watch a particular program on television, the viewer has to watch the colorful ads. Similarly to view popular video or lets say, breaking news on the Internet, the user must view the advertisement video first before watching the original one. Sometimes a video clipping is appended to the original video so that it is played as long as the original video is watched. This introductory video clip with a short advertising message should not last more than 30 seconds.

Viral video marketing is the new and latest strategy for mass online advertising. The specialty of this strategy is that sometimes it becomes difficult to know that you are watching an advertisement. It is generally posted on the popular websites and is send to as many people as possible. Viewers should watch the video and should be inspired to forward it to others.

The Effectiveness of Video Marketing

According to Nielsen/net ratings, more than two-third of computer users have access to broad band services in the US. The figure continues to rise proportionately around the world including Dubai and the UAE

The cost of video production has come within the reach of most businesses. Video footage of two or three minutes can be produced at a very low cost. There are several online companies that provide this facility for a reasonable price. For a 30-second video, the charges are nearly 0 to 0. This is the minimum cost for a small and simple video but for making your video more effective the sky is the limit.

Considering the present scenario, video marketing will increase to $ 5 billion or 35% of the current local video ads budget in 2012.

Immense Benefits of Video Marketing

The internet is undoubtedly one of the major reasons for globalization and video marketing is the most effective and dynamic way to communicate with the people. Thus, video marketing helps to bring more and more business to your website.

Small businesses can also gain advantage of video marketing because of its low cost.

Pay-per click-per video ads also help the websites to earn revenues.

Before you post a video to any website, check on key word optimization. Check that your video is indexed by the search engines. Although video marketing has become popular, it has to go a long way. Since this technology is quite cutting-edge, many owners of small businesses are not familiar with the methods used to promote their businesses through video marketing. Following the various strategies we have outlined above can help us to spread the word about our businesses on the Internet.

Anthony Dayal is the CEO of Vistas Advertising and Marketing LLC, a UAE company which specializes in Flash website design from Dubai. For top-notch and state-of-the-art Flash-based web designing services that will wreck your competition, visit him at:
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How to Get the Maximum Traffic From Video Marketing

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How to Get the Maximum Traffic From Video Marketing

Every year, the internet has had a considerable increase in the number of the websites. Therefore, it has become very necessary to market these websites in a more proficient and organized way. Initially, the article marketing was regarded as the most powerful method of promoting a website on the internet. But, this is a well known fact that the human beings are more attracted towards the visual as in comparison to the content which they don’t have time to read. This fact was responsible for the new form of internet marketing, which is known as the web video marketing. At the present time this web video marketing strategy is undoubtedly better than article marketing strategy.

Now there are a large number of video network websites like YouTube on the internet which allow you to upload your videos for free. Therefore, a marketing video you post on such websites can attract more web traffic for your website than the traditional method of online marketing, which is article marketing. Such video advertisements made with specific planning and by following a certain video marketing strategy can be as good as video advertisement that you put on air. Thus, this type of video advertising can be very effective if done with some pre planning.

Video marketing can be a very good option for webmasters, especially since it became very popular in the year 2007. But still most of the webmasters are very shy towards this technique of Search Engine Optimization or SEO and article marketing is the fist option for them. They should accept the fact that if video marketing is properly produced and marketed, then it can definitely be the better option than the article marketing.

To make an effective video commercial that can attract the attention of the target audience for your business you will need an exciting storyline for your video. For the best results, you can choose to make a video promo of the product or service offered by your business. You should also keep it in mind that your video ad should be creative and original. When you finished creating your video you can upload it in several video network sites.

If your video is very long, then to attract new people towards your video you can make an intro for your video. When making a video intro instead of making it very long it is recommended to make it as short as possible.
Some reports and surveys on SEO suggest that video marketing results are better than article marketing. Video marketing gives you instant results, unlike article marketing where the results come into effect only after some days or months.
Another very important thing to note is that depending on the number of viewers of your video, Google will also give you rankings, which can happen within some hours of uploading the content on the website. So if you get a nice ranking for your video, then it means that your site will receive more traffic and a good ranking in Google’s search results.

Neal Brown can provide video marketing at very affordable price. A video advertisement will improve the conversions on your site.

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Video Marketing can be Huge for Your Business

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Video Marketing can be Huge for Your Business

A positive perception of business brand is a must for any business to spread its wings. Today’s Business websites that are stuffed full of text only, are labeled as dead websites. Writing articles with different fonts and different colors to promote your business is the thing of past. A more powerful and effective way of promoting your business has taken the place of text. This powerful medium is video marketing.

A Little Glimpse of the New Power

Suppose you run a business related to digital image enhancements. You are promoting your business with brochures full of text stuffed pages. Your website describes the processes involved in the enhancement process. Now A Days internet surfers are not at all interested in the magic the content writers create with textual words.

Your business will fail to create the impact on your consumers mind. Moreover, a digital company doing its publicity by text sounds weird! Try creating a video out of text.. The consumer can now see the actual affects of the techniques used and more easily understand them. Less time spent, more impact is made.

Luring Consumer Traffic- Priority of Every Business

YouTube now days attracts more traffic than Google. Convert your articles into videos and upload them on video sharing sites like YouTube, MetaCafe, and Dailymotion. Videos spread at a faster rate than text. Consumers are more interested in getting the real feel of any business product or service. On these video sharing websites, traffic sky rockets into the millions. Once your video tops the charts, the amount of visibility your business can generate is unimaginable.

The Trust Factor

The trust factor is the key to the success of any business. Instead of written text explaining the motto of your business, put up a video explaining your business. It will bring more credibility to your business in the consumer’s mind. The video offers a personal touch between you and the consumer.

Catches the Imagination of the Customer

The major benefit of video marketing is that it keeps the consumer interested in your business promotional activities. Video engages their senses more than text, thus keeping them longer on your website. This helps build long term relationships with your visitors (especially if you make the video personal) which leads to more trust.

Video Marketing Gives you That Extra Inch

A craze for your company brand can only be created by video marketing. Videos trigger the senses of a consumer. Later they will remember you by the theme of your video. The same consumers generally refer videos to other interested people. This reference is generally done with the theme displayed in your video.

Viral Marketing- Video Marketing

A Marketing strategy that spreads like a wild fire is known as viral marketing. Videos spread virally. You can market your videos on social networking sites, blogging platforms and media sharing sites for free. If your site if properly linked to the social networking world you will reap huge benefits from video marketing with no additional cost.

Kick Out the Myth

Do not believe in the myth that video marketing is costly. With the amount of visibility it can gather for your business, I personally do not think that it should be termed as costly.

If you want to carve a niche for your business, video marketing is a strategy you need to embrace.

James is a mentor and business coach that assists serious entrepreneurs in building a profitable online business with multiple streams of income. James and his team have assisted hundreds of people in generating profits in their very first year. For more information and to contact James, visit his website.

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10 Smart Tips To Turbo Start Your Video Marketing Campaign

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10 Smart Tips To Turbo Start Your Video Marketing Campaign

Video marketing is part of the free marketing strategies. As with most free online marketing strategies, you can reap enormous benefits and create many mlm network marketing leads without paying a dime. That is, if you get these few things right and you make sure you are patient and consistent in your efforts to market your network marketing business.

Videos rank easier

Online video has amazing potential and is an open terrain for any industrious, hardworking and creative marketer. If you take action, your efforts will produce visible results and benefit your bank account.

But be warned. To be successful with your video marketing, you need to adhere to Google’s regulations.

The bar for promotion with online video is set low compared to traditional SEO ranking. It is much easier to rank high on a specific video for a specific keyword. Google ranks and evaluate videos faster than content. This marketing strategy, when executed correctly, can produce a flow of mlm leads nearly overnight.

Tips to help you get the fundamentals right

Make sure you do these steps when you set up your video marketing campaign:

1) Have only one YouTube account on your internet service provider. Every IP address should have only one Youtube account

2) Create your own Youtube profile and customize your channel information.

3) Use your Youtube channel to brand you as a leader. Provide real value in your videos and do not talk about your network marketing business

4) “How to” videos are very useful if you use them to educate and train and show your value. Use a faint watermark of your website addresss where people can explore your offerings if they are interested

5) Do thorough keyword research before you start your first video campaign

6) Make high quality videos to promote the keywords you want to rank for in your articles and videos

7) Use your keywords in the video title, tags and video description. The description should be telling the visitor why they should listen to the video. What benefits will they get?

8) Create a group and create a playlist when you have more than one video uploaded. This will make your videos easier to find when people sort for groups and playlists.

9) Do not stuff the video description, title or tags with lots of irrelevant keywords to try to increase the ranking of your videos

10) Do not use any software that will automatically add friends, add comments and do video ratings automatically and do not upload any duplicate video content

Make sure you get the basic principles right from the start of your video campaign and your videos will rank higher in the search results on Youtube. This in turn will lead to more views and targeted traffic to your website. And the best part… it is not costing you anything.

Get video marketing training and training on other free marketing strategies if you want to explode your network marketing business.

Melanie Kok is a Lead Generation Coach and an Online Marketing Strategist. More articles on lead generation and your Video Marketing Campaign is available on Melanie’s Blog. Get access to free Online Marketing training, go to Online Lead Coach Training

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Video Marketing Solutions Top Sites – Effective Video marketing Tools

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Video Marketing Solutions Top Sites – Effective Video marketing Tools

Video Marketing can be very effective, if it´s done the right way, but if you don´t have the right tools for your video marketing efforts you will waste a lot of time or you won´t get the results you could archive.

But before I show you which tools I use to start my Video marketing campaign, here are the most commen problems :

- Creation of your Marketing Video :
It´s hard for many People to produce professional and effective marketing videos.

- Publishing and Promoting your Video : In order to be successful with online video marketing, you need to promote your video to make it public!

- Adding a Viral Effect to your Video :
This is an important task to bring your online video marketing to a new level.

Here are my Video Marketing Solutions Top Sites I use for my Marketing efforts :

1. Tube Mogul : Easily submit your Video to 17+ Video Sharing Websites with just a few clicks. This saves you a lot of time and it´s free, too!

2. Article To Video Robot : This Video Marketing Tool converts a marketing article into a professional “self talking” Video and post it to several video marketing websites. There are a lot of options to customize your Videos.

3. Easy Video Player : This may be the most powerful video marketing tool you can use to brand and publish your videos, a special unique feature is the ability to use your video as Viral Sales or Squeeze Page.

Now I be sure this will help you to bring your Video Marketing to a complete new level!

Warning : Not using these Services will be Your Disadvantage!

Special Offer For AVR and Easy Video Player
Read my Article To Video Robot Review and my Easy Video Player Review and secure your Special Discount and Bonus Package!

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