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Making Video Marketing Work For Your Internet Business

If you are doing internet marketing business, you can’t ignore Video marketing; it’s perhaps the hottest and most powerful marketing medium online. All successful Internet marketers make use of Videos to market and sell their products or services online. Video marketing is the future of marketing online.

Why Video marketing is so popular?

The reason is simple… people browsing the Internet prefer to watch a Video rather than reading a long sales letter or sales page. Also, Videos have the potential to make people feel closer to you as they get to see you in person and hear your voice. Well, that is why there is a saying… “Seeing is believing!” It is a lot easier to gain trust when you use Videos.

However, Video marketing is easier said than done… because creating and preparing a Video can be quite challenging. You need to invest in some expensive Video editing software and you also need to have media marketing skill. That’s why Video marketing is still considered as an expensive online marketing or advertising campaign.

But fortunately, there is a brand new technology that allows people (even the total beginners) to create high quality Videos easily, cheaply and quickly. That new Video marketing technology is known as Easy Video Player 2.0 (now in version 2.0 with a lot of new and more powerful features). This technology is going to level the Video marketing playing field for all online business owners. A complete beginner who has never created a Video before can now use this tool or technology to create quality Videos easily and quickly. I have written a full review for this product, if you are interested in learning more about this product, you can access the link in my author’s resource box at the end of this article.

If you are selling products or services online and you are not using Videos, then I think you are losing out big time from your competitors who do! Your competitors would have an upper hand over you if they use Videos in their marketing messages and you don’t.

Another great benefit of Video marketing is that it has the tendency to be ‘viral’. A recent study shows that more than half of the people who watch a good Video end up sharing the clips with friends through email or social networking sites. This will help spread your messages virally on the web.

As the internet technology has advanced, text and pictures are gradually being replaced by audio and Video. It is an extremely powerful medium that many online marketers are now using to literally catapult their online businesses into success.

In the Easy Video Player 2.0 Review, I give you a detailed run-down of what this technology is all about, how it can help you create Videos quickly, how it can help you improve your business and who would greatly benefit from this technology.

Below are some of the benefits you are going to get from Easy Video Player 2.0 :

** A surefire method for profiting online by leveraging the power of Video marketing.

** A new Video marketing technology that has helped thousands of businesses to improve their bottom lines.

** How to setup a free profit pulling Video in literally minutes and how you can turn that one Video into a constant flood of targeted website visitors and a potential long term income stream.

** The proven system for driving serious amounts of targeted visitors to your profit pulling website.

** Discover one secret technique that almost no one is teaching that can increase your traffic almost overnight!

** And much more…

I hope by now I have managed to convince you how powerful is Video marketing for improving your business. Again, remember to go and check out Easy Video Player 2.0 and take advantage of the power of Video marketing before your competitors do. Thanks for reading this article.

If you really want to learn more about Video marketing and how to use it to grow your business online, go and read this article: Easy Video Player 2.0 Review. I also recommend you to read the Zero Down Traffic Blueprint article.

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Video Marketing Tips

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Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing can help you build relationships, drive traffic, increase your conversions and brand yourself with an online presence.

Online Video marketing can be used to build customer bases, boost brand awareness and educate specific viewers of your business.

Online Video has surfaced as a primary marketing and communication tool for all types of businesses. By using online Video you can quickly and easily increase social media marketing efforts and improve websites.

By means of using webcams, smart phones and hand-held camcorders like the Flip Video™ you can produce and distribute quality online Video in minutes. Amateur Videos are adequate for every day social marketing tasks.

Create online Video to improve the branding of you and your business.

Free and low-cost tools allow home based businesses with limited budgets to increase their customer bases and boost brand awareness using online Video.

When making online Videos keep in mind to keep your Videos short. Say in 2 minutes what would take a normal person 10 minutes to read on paper. People begin to lose interest if Videos are too long and they have a tendency to click off after short periods of time.

Make sure your Videos are content specific. Content-focused sites have a nearly threefold increase in end-plays than do big-name sites. Content-focused sites are likely to get you better bottom line results, at much lower costs.

Despite its challenges, online Video advertising offer marketers the impact of TV with the accountable and interactive use of the internet, extremely priceless assets for any marketer.

Use good sense in designing your online campaigns by maintaining an intelligent mix of media. Video marketing is a proficient means of reaching prospective customers. It is a means of promoting your products or services. The use of Videos on the Internet brings many rewards. It is an excellent answer with an excellent effect on the visitor. It combines the rewards of classic TV advertising with the interactivity of the Internet.

The online Video becomes more attractive to the Internet user, who becomes more open to what you have to offer. Online marketing is more cost effective than regular TV because it is less expensive to produce and distribute, and it makes customer targeting a lot easier too.

One advantage of using internet marketing Videos is that Videos can get to the point much faster and waste less time of your prospective customers. Instead of having your prospective customers reading pages of text, where they are trying to figure out the message you are trying to communicate, you can deliver the same message in a small percentage of that time in a more attractive and inciting manner.

More people nowadays are turning to the Internet in search of information. Internet
marketing Videos are a natural supplement to the Internet user’s need for fresh, for helpful, for amazing.

The use of Video in your online marketing campaign is a very good option. Video marketing conveys your message to prospects much faster than simple text.

A Video can demonstrate a product’s use and usability. When you add a human face and a pleasant voice, you have a better chance of obtaining more prospects. Potential customers can relate more to your business and to what you are promoting when using these techniques.

Remember that marketing Videos are meant to promote your business, to drive internet users to visit your site and, hopefully, convert into sales.

Use meta tags for the content (text) of the page where your Video is placed. Use keywords in the Video titles and their descriptions. Video search engines will find it much easier to index your Video files and link it to your web pages.

Do not forget to add phrases like, tell a friend or visit my web site at the end of your Video.

Wendy Scheels is an online business entrepreneur. I help internet marketers achieve their goals and attain the financial freedom they are seeking. Click on the following link to my website to learn more about marketing strategies and how to build a successful home based business. Today Your Fortune Begins.

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Easy Video Player 2.0 Review: Video Marketing Software. Is it Worth the Money?

If you are an online Affiliate marketer and do not already use Video marketing than you are missing out on a huge potential income source. Whilst writing sales letters is a great way to attract customers.  Many of your customers will simply stop reading after the first few paragraphs.

The truth is most people do not like to read lots and lots of text particularly on a computer screen.  The great thing about Video marketing is that you can use pictures and sound to convey your message as well as text.  They say a picture paints a thousand words.  So how many words does Video paint?

Most customers enjoy sitting down to watch a nice marketing Video, its easy, they dont have to do anything but relax in their chair and let you sell to them.  It doesn’t have to be Hollywood standard by any means either. If the Video is a little amateurish then thats fine, you’ll seem more human – people like that and people buy from people they like.   In fact the great thing about Video marketing is that you can appear on the Video yourself, this helps build trust with your customer – something very few people can manage to do with just text.

The reason most Affiliate marketing newbies do not use Video is that they are scared by the technical aspect.  Video marketing has its own skills set that can at first be daunting: coding, ftp, hosting etc.  Its all a bit much when you’ve just started.  However, using Videos to market your products can actually be incredibly simple, you just need to use the right software.

Loading your Video onto youtube is the easiest way to advertise your Affiliate product.  However youtube is not designed for Affiliates, in fact youtube doesnt really like Affiliates.  Thats why they make things difficult for them.  What you need to use is a online Video marketing product specifically designed for online marketers.

Easy Video Player 2.0 has just launched.  Easy Video Player is packed with features to help the online marketer:

Quickly Create Video Websites

With Easy Video Player 2.0 you can create a Video website in literally a couple of clicks.  Options for allowing comments and full social network sharing (Facebook, Twitter etc) can be added but just checking a box.  Your viral Video could be online and being shared on facebook in seconds.

Embed ‘Buy Now’ Button Right Inside the Video

Imagine if your Video could include a buy it now button inside the actual Video.  And what if that button could appear right at the critical time in your Video sales pitch? Well with Easy Video Player 2.0 you can do that and its as simple as ticking a few boxes in the software

Embed Opt in Forms Inside the Video

Creating an email marketing list has never been so easy.  Easy Video Player 2.0 allows you to create an email opt in right inside the Video.

Automatic Redirect

Easy Video Player 2.0 can redirect customer to any web page you allocate right after the Video finishes.  This is enormously useful for selling your product.

Rebrandable Affiliate Videos

If you are an Affiliate vendor you can allow your Affiliates to embed their Affiliate ID into your Video.  So now you can equip your Affiliates with the right tools to sell your products in your behalf.

Detailed Analytics and Stats

Easy Video Player 2.0 gives you a comprehensive dashboard where you can view all the tracking information and views for your marketing efforts

It is not often that I recommend a product as strongly as this.  Quite simply, Easy Video Player 2.0 is the Rolls Royce of Video marketing software.  It is feature packed yet ridiculously easy to use.  If you are into any sort of online marketing you need this product in your kit. So check out this Video demonstrating this fantastic product and start making money using Video marketing now.


More Easy Video Player Reviews: Easy Video Player Review

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Video Marketing: Take Advantage of the Boom!

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Video Marketing: Take Advantage of the Boom!

Video marketing has exploded onto the online product promotion scene over the last few years and user response has been astounding. Not only does Video marketing provide an opportunity to engage your audience directly with a concise sales pitch, but it also enables you to target a much wider audience by incorporating the Videos into social media networks such as youtube, facebook and twitter.

 To take advantage of the Video marketing boom, here are 5 top tips when selling a product:

 1. Consider the length of the Video. You want the user to remain engaged whilst the Video is playing, but at the same time you do not want to bore them. From my experience with Video marketing, I have found that users will switch off if a Video is longer than 10 minutes, but less than 5 minutes is rarely enough to get your full pitch across. I have had continued success with Videos lasting between 6-7 minutes.

 2. Ensure you ‘pre-sell’ the product. If the Video is likely to be the customers’ first exposure to your product, don’t start out with any information on the price or how to purchase. Simply begin to describe what problem/need your product is satisfying and the advantages/features of using the product over any other possible solution. Wait until around 3 minutes into the Video, when the user is aware of the products benefits and has begun to build trust in you as a seller, before you push for the sale.

 3. Close the sale. During the Video, when you are at the stage of pushing for the sale, you should begin to incorporate innovative methods into your Videos to fully engage your audience and convince them that this is the time to make the purchase. Successful methods include clickable overlays appearing around the Video at designated points during the Video and tactful ‘buy buttons’ to give the user constant and varied opportunities to buy.

 4. Keep your Video marketing both unique and consistent. It is possible that you will need to expose your viewer to more than one Video before being able to make the sale. Therefore, you need to make sure that subsequent Videos are optimized. The content should remain fresh and unique, yet still informative to your audience. There will also need to be a level of consistency, such as having your products brand logo or slogan in the top-right corner so that they begin to familiarise themselves with your company and feel comfortable that the product is the solution to their problem.

 5. Ensure you are giving yourself the best possible platform for Video marketing. I tried a number of expensive and unsuccessful Video marketing products before I found the right one. My sales have since trebled with my latest provider, as I have the ability to add buttons, forms and ‘overlays’ to captivate viewers,  publish my Videos in seconds to a variety of platforms and get detailed analytics on the success of each campaign.

See for yourself, go to the #1 Video Marketing Software Product now and start cashing in on the Video marketing boom.   

Hi. My name is Susie I am a successful online entrepreneur. I use a number of online business models to make money from home. I enjoy sharing tips and tricks on Video, marketing, Affiliate marketing, blogging, dropshipping and wholesaling.

You can follow me on twitter at for updates on the above. 



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Video Marketing GoldMine – Tips On How To Begin Video Marketing

Video Marketing GoldMine is a particularly efficient way of getting visitors to any website. It’s a truly automated method of marketing, you can make the Video and get it posted across the internet. Then leave it to gain potential buyers and leads. This text will go into detail about Video Marketing GoldMine.

Video Marketing GoldMine is one the highest converting marketing key available on the web today. Video Promotion has been quite effective and has proven positive results on almost all of the businesses. Video Sales Leads has a wide range of social media promotional strategies that may take your corporation to the following level. Video Marketing GoldMine often present up within the search results, allowing you to achieve more web site guests on search engines.

Video Marketing GoldMine is one of the most reliable and popular medium out of all of the rest. In case you have an internet site that is not getting a lot traffic, Video Marketing GoldMine might clear up this problem. The power of this product is not absolutely utilised by many people. The primary advantage that Video Marketing GoldMine have over the standard, textual content format tactic is that Videos can get to the point a lot faster and waste less of the valuable time of potential customers.

It is extremely true that Video marketing is very efficient in online businesses. Based on analysis carried out by the Pew Research Middle, 57% of Folks in the USA have downloaded online Video and 19% obtain Video daily. The analysis additionally found over half of shoppers enjoying Video ended up sharing the Video clips with plenty of people, showcasing the viral or “individual to individual” marketing and advertising factor associated with this medium.

Video Marketing GoldMine serves as a impressive marketing strategy.

- It supplies you with an unprecedented capability to talk together with your target audience in a really particular person way.

- It would assist model your online enterprise and it is by far probably the most digestible content format on the internet.

- It is also the most frequently shared, turning it into a beautiful viral medium.

The power of Video cannot be denied. It influences individuals unlike any other marketing channel available. In the past, Videos have been solely obtainable on televisions and at movie theaters. However now, Video has been implemented on the Internet, and consequently the power, the affect, and the reach of Video as grown substantially.

Video Marketing GoldMine is a particularly effective and important part of your on-line marketing strategy. Remember to always preserve your Video temporary, targeted, structured, clear, and get essentially the most use out it that you can. Video Marketing GoldMine is considered one of many methods that it is best to use to strengthen what your small business presents and the way you talk what’s in it for your audience. In other phrases, via Video marketing, you’ll show your audience how you’ll be able to solve their problems.

Videos will continue to be watched and uploaded everyday until the end of days. Analysis for the best Video marketing instrument and I am certain you’ll find yourself with Video Marketing GoldMine.

Fred James – Was an Small Time Marketer until he Tried Video marketing. He was amaze of the big conversions of his efforts. Now He is a young millionaire with the are of 35, He lives in a very luxurious place, with his family.

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